Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Is there the physical meaning of 'God particle' will be found in physics?

The 'God particle' has pulled the public attention now. Two renowned physicists have just been awarded by Novel Prize in Physics 2013. But, the word 'God' is also remembered for this work. The remembrance of the word is not seemed to illegible to use for such works in physics, for some information about this, if you are interested, see @ the link:


About 'Mental Effects in Physical Science': from a blog of this campaign

We work physics. Sometimes, mental impact also plays the role in the contribution of physics.

An article written about the mental effect in physical science has been given in a page given below. If you want to know about the article, you can visit the link. The link:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Have you interested to know about the unknown scientists and unknown discoveries?

We know that the broadcast-ed discoveries are only the discoveries. And the same does happens for the case of unknown scientists. Who are the unknown scientists? What are discoveries not listed as the discovery in scientific arena? Are you interested to know about the unknown scientists and unknown discoveries? A blog has given something about it. If so, see at the link given here:


Generalized research is for every country, an experiment made the physicists amazed in Nepal

Before some years, there were more physicists participated in a program organized in reporters club located in Putali Sadak, Kathmandu, Nepal. The chief guest of the program was the science minister Ganesh Shaha and Special Guest of the program was head of the physics depart of Tribhuban University. An interesting and historical experiment had been demonstrated there. The discovery had made amazed to all participants. The discovery has proved by some renowned educational institutions. What happened there and what was the achievement? see, if you are interested, at the link given below: