Sunday, September 22, 2013

World's challenging Facebook page for physicists: the page will be helpful for new researchers than others

There are more useful facebook pages in the world for physicists and researchers. Among them, the page created for the organization, Physics Reformation Campaign, is also the useful page. This page mainly gives information of the monthly physics talk program organized by 'Physics Reformation Campaign' in Nepal. For new researchers, genuine physicists, teachers, students and other educational institutions, the page will be, certainly, the useful. The page is different from other physics page because the page gives the information based on open experiments and interesting talk programs.

There are more principles and laws in physics which are accepted without experiments. There is no doubt that more physicists are in illusion by such principles, theories and laws. Without the basic foundations they are studied in all over the world. Such activities have misguided to the human generations. More researchers have invested their investment and time for baseless things. So, to save from such misguiding, the page has spread-ed the information. You can also see the page given below and can take advantages: 
The unique and world's facebook page for physicists is:

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